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   Old wood country grain elevators have been monumental structures on the prairie landscape since the mid 19th century. Now as they are replaced with more modern facilities, they are nostalgic icons of a vanishing way of life. Though built for function, their familiar architecture is a beautiful form as it reflects the sun on its path from horizon to horizon. No one has been more artistic or comprehensive in capturing their beauty and preserving their history than professional photographer, Bruce Selyem.
   It is not easy to narrow down a selection of photos from a collection of about 80,000 images from over 6,000 places in 40 states and provinces! The images on our site are some of our personal favorites and have captured the imagination of both corporate and private collectors. We know you will experience the same passion, appreciation and nostalgia as you enjoy our "catalog" and begin your own collection. When you purchase a Selyem country grain elevator print, you will own a timeless art treasure and a piece of our agricultural heritage.
Feel free to ask about a particular elevator not shown but near and dear to your heart.

What can I say, Bruce's photos move me. . .
Tom Runyon, President, Seedburo Equipment Co., Chicago, IL

"Old Time Grain Elevators"
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